Natural Nutrition

In order to be healthy, it is important to balance the correct nutritional plan with daily physical activity.
reduce the intake of saturated fats of animal origin introduce foods which contain "health promoters".
Following are some guidelines from the WCRF (World Cancer Research Fund) and the World Health Organization recommendations :
1) Be a healthy weight
2) Be physically active
3) Limit the consumption of high calorie density foods and avoid the consumption of sugary drinks. High-calorie foods are generally foods industrially refined, precooked and pre-packaged and contain high amounts of sugar and saturated fat, fast food being the prime example of this.
It is important to know the difference between limiting and avoiding. For example while you can occasionally eat a very fatty or sugary food, the use of carbonated and sugary drinks should be completely avoided, because they provide abundant calories without increasing the sense of satiety.
4) Base your diet mainly on foods of vegetable origin, with non-industrially refined cereals and legumes in every meal and a wide variety of non-starchy vegetables and fruit. Adding vegetables and fruit is recommended at least 5 portions a day (for about 600g); potatoes should not be counted among the vegetables.
5) Limit the consumption of red meat and avoid the consumption of preserved meat. Red meat includes sheep, pork and beef, including veal. They are not recommended, but for those accustomed to eating them it is recommended not to exceed 500 grams per week. Preserved meat (including all forms of canned meat, cold cuts, hams, sausages), should be avoided at all costs.
6) Limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages to one glass of wine (120 ml) per day for women and two for men, only during meals.
7) Limit the consumption of salt and food preserved in salt to more than 5 g per day.
Avoid food contaminated with mould (especially cereals and legumes). Therefore, make sure that the cereals and legumes are in good condition. are purchased, and avoid storing them in hot and humid environments.
8) Ensure a sufficient supply of all essential nutrients through food. Hence the importance of variety. The intake of food supplements (vitamins or minerals) for the prevention of cancer is not recommended.
9) Breastfeed children for at least six months.
10) Within the limits of the few studies available on the prevention of recurrences, the recommendations for cancer food prevention also apply to those who have already fallen ill. In any case, do not use tobacco.

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